Handicap Parking Permits

New York State Accessible parking permits are issued to individuals, not to drivers or a specific vehicle. To receive an accessible parking permit, the individual must be a resident of the Town of Irondequoit. Temporary Permits (red) are issued up to six months, and Permanent Permits (blue) are issued up to five years.

Bring the completed physician's form signed by the applicant along with a copy of the applicant’s New York State Driver’s License, or New York State issued Non-Driver ID, to the Town Clerk’s office.

For older adults living with a family member, please provide a bill or bank statement showing the individual receives mail in the town of Irondequoit. For a child, please provide a parent’s New York State ID showing residency in the town of Irondequoit.

To apply, an individual must have a physician complete the following form: Physician’s Form