Ownership and Maintenance

Most streetlights in the Town of Irondequoit are owned and maintained by the Town. Residents residing in a lighting district will see a line item on their tax bill reflecting their property’s streetlight tax which reflects their share of the cost to maintain the streetlights and pay for the energy use. New York State law determines the policies, while cities, towns, and villages cover the cost by general tax levy.

Creating a new residential lighting district:

Residential District- Costs are borne per district/street and the residents that reside there. The cost for construction, materials, and installation of new lights are borne by all residents in that district/street. This cost can be significant which is why the payment by residents is spread out over several years, 15-20 years. 

To Form a Residential District or Change an Existing District: 

  • Primary contact for the residents on a specific street should contact the Department of Public Works Commissioner’s Office to request streetlights in a specific area or street. 
  •  Town staff will discuss the petition process with the primary resident contact. 
  • Town staff will create a preliminary design and prepare cost estimates. The estimated cost will include the annual fee for energy and maintenance expenses. An additional cost for the construction, materials and installation will be spread over several years, 15-20 years. The primary contact will then need to speak will all residents in the requested area to have them sign a petition if they are for or against the proposed additional lighting district/street. The petition should include the estimated cost. 
  • If the owners of properties totaling more than 50% of the assessed value are in favor, and sign the petition, then the project will proceed to the next step.
  • If the proposal passes, the town will proceed to design the project. The location of streetlights will be determined at this stage. 
  • Town staff will prepare and distribute a letter notifying the residents of the formal petition results. If the residents are in favor of the lights, that letter will include the date and time that the Town Board will hold a public hearing.
  • The Town Board then holds the public hearing where residents are encouraged to attend and voice their opinions on the project.
  • After the public hearing, the Town Board will then make the decision whether to proceed or not with the project.  
  • If the Town Board decides to proceed, the Town will finalize the design and prepare bidding documents.
  • The bidding process will be completed.
  • The Town Board will then make a determination on whether to award the bid.


After a new lighting district is created, a line item will be added on each resident in the lighting district’s property tax bill annually for energy and maintenance expenses. There will be an annual fee for construction, materials, and installation of the new streetlights. These costs may be spread over several years, 15-20. The residents in the specific location for additional streetlights will bear all costs associated with the construction, materials, and installation of the streetlights. 

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For more information, please contact the Irondequoit Department of Public Works at 585-336-6033.