Parks & Facilities

Children enjoying the New Spray Park

Irondequoit's Parks & Facilities

A wide range of leisure-time programs are offered on a seasonal basis for residents of all ages. Facilities ate maintained by the Department of Public Works, are available for meetings and other activities. Please call the Department of Public Works for maintenance questions at 585-336-6033.

The Department is home to Ten parks and recreation areas located throughout Town. These include:

  • Playgrounds
  • Splash Pad
  • Lodges
  • Soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and softball fields
  • Walking trails
  • Tennis and pickleball courts
  • Basketball courts

View all Parks and Play Areas on the Facilities page.

Facilities are jointly managed and maintained by the Department of Public Works and the Department of Recreation. They are available for meetings and other activities. To reserve a facility call 585-336-6070. For Maintenance concerns, please call 585-336-6090.

Camp Eastman - 1301 Lake Shore Boulevard

Lodge & Cabins

  • Larger Cabin Rentals
    • Kusak Lodge
    • Spies Conference Center
  • Smaller Cabin Rentals
    • Rotary Cabin
    • Veterans Memorial Cabin
    • Eastridge Kiwanis Cabin

Spray Park

Camp Eastman Spray Park offers a great way to beat the summer heat and meet new friends! Located in the back of the park near the Kusak Lodge, the Spray Park boasts six water features and a shelter with picnic tables.

The Spray Park has one pavilion and one gazebo open to the public, not available to reserve for gatherings. Portable grills/open fires are not permitted. Grills on the premises are for building rentals only.


  • Open Daily from 8 am to 8 pm
  • Open Memorial Day through Labor Day

Parks & Play Areas

  • Camp Eastman: Lakeshore Boulevard - Cabins, Athletic Fields, Splash Pad, Playground, and Walking Trails
  • Joshua Park: East end of Seville Drive and Rogers Parkway - Athletic Field, Playground Basketball Court, and Walking Track
  • Heyer-Bayer Memorial Park: Rudman Road - Baseball Fields and Playground
  • Spezio Park: End of St. Paul Boulevard - Tennis/Pickleball Court and Playground
  • Vinton Road: Off Culver Road - Playground
  • Bateau Terrace: Off Rock Beach Road - Playground
  • McAvoy Park Sports Complex: Corner of Winton Road and Empire Boulevard - Athletic Fields/Baseball Fields, Playground, and Restrooms
  • Bristol Tot Lot Home Depot Play Area: Off Cooper Road - Playground
  • Pardee Road: Near Overbrook Avenue - Playground
  • Sadie's Place: 75 Wahl Road - Playground
  • Youth Ballpark Complex: 117 Kings Highway North - Baseball Fields

Athletic Facility

McAvoy Park

Located at the corner of Winton Road and Empire Boulevard, the facility contains two softball fields, one multi-purpose rectangular field (football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse), and one medium size field. All fields are lighted and have Sportex synthetic playing surfaces. Playground equipment, snack bar, and restroom facilities are available on site. Typically, open from Mid-March through November 8 am to 11 pm 2023 opening date may vary due to turf upgrades. For information on McAvoy Park or to reserve a field, please email Athletic Fields. Contact the Department of Public Works for field maintenance at 585-336-6090.

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