Market Rules

Current Market Rules & Reminders

  • Market Hours: Open from 4 PM to dusk.

  • No Touching: Shop with your eyes, not your hands. Please let vendors package items for you.

  • Bicycles and Skateboards: Walk them along Market Row for everyone's safety.

  • Vendor Approval: Only approved vendors are allowed. No unauthorized vending.

  • Service Animals Only: According to ADA, only service animals are allowed.

  • Supervise Children: Ensure children are supervised for their safety and others' comfort.

  • Use Waste Receptacles: Dispose of trash and recyclables in designated bins. Help keep the market clean and litter-free.

  • Respect Vendors: Treat vendors with respect and courtesy. They are working hard to provide you with quality products.

The Town of Irondequoit appreciates your cooperation in keeping our Town safe. For that, we thank you!