Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement division ensures residential and commercial properties in Irondequoit meet the requirements stipulated in the Irondequoit Town Code and applicable New York State codes. Reports of potential code violations are inspected by a Code Enforcement unit staff member. If warranted, notices are issued to the property owner for any observed violations.

Rental Registry

Irondequoit’s Town Code requires non-owner-occupied residential dwellings to be registered on the Town’s Rental Registry (Chapter 177). If the property you own is occupied by someone other than you, including relatives, Town Code requires you to register the property by filling out a Rental Registry Application (PDF). This allows the Town to have proper contact information for both the owner and tenant on record in the event of an emergency or other issue with the property. For more information, including registration fees, please see the Rental Registry Information Sheet.

Vacant Registry

In an effort to maintain an accurate record of vacant properties and their current owner, the Town of Irondequoit requires all vacant properties be registered on the Town’s Vacant Registry (Chapter 104), with a valid contact for any property maintenance or emergency issues. Town Code requires a Vacant Registry Application (PDF) be submitted for any property vacant for more than 30 days.  For more information, including registration fees, please see the Vacant Registry Information Sheet.

Key Code Enforcement Resources