Do I need a building permit?

Permits are required when a project involves framing, insulation, plumbing, electric, foundation work, structural additions/alterations (e.g. addition or removal of walls, changes to size of exterior openings) and/or occupancy of new space (e.g. basement and attic remodeling, etc.). The permit requirements are governed by the New York State Uniform Code.

Cosmetic changes such as paint and carpet, and in-kind replacement of fixtures in the same location (e.g. toilet, sink) do not require a building permit. For more information or to verify whether your project requires a permit, please check the Building Permit Requirements Sheet or contact the Building Department.

Please be advised that failure to obtain a required building permit is a violation of the Town Code, which can result in Code Enforcement action and/or additional permit review fees associated with the as-built condition(s).

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